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What Is The Greenies Tour?

We’re adding excitement and friendly competition to golf rounds around the country.

The Greenies Tour is the first INCLUSIVE golf experience created to bring the thrill of friendly competition to golfers of all skill levels.

Participants will enjoy a full 18 holes at a world-class golf course and compete for exceptional prizes in an elevated format of the popular side-game of Greenies (closest-to-the-hole) on all par 3s.

The Greenies Tour is a 21+ event

How to Win on The Greenies Tour

The Greenies Tour is a no-risk, all-reward golf outing, where participants have 17 chances to win prizes!

All participants receive a unique Tee-Gift packed with round-enhancing products from our partners and includes free Jose Cuervo beverages, post-round lunch, and access to exclusive discounts from your favorite golf brands.

There are four prizes on each Par 3 hole, and participants are rewarded based on the player that hits their ball closest to the hole (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place – based on being closest to the pin). In order to qualify, you must hit the green with your 1st shot and make par or better to validate your Greenie, and record your distance. Each Par 3 is staffed by a Greenies Tour Pro who will measure the distance from the ball to the cup, and mark your distance on the scoreboard near the tee box.

One of the Par 3s will host the Grand Prize which can be won by hitting a hole-in-one on the designated Grand Greenie Par 3.

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Registration Rewards & Tee Gift

All participants of The Greenies Tour are winners, and with a little luck, you’ll be leaving with some exceptional prizes! Upon arrival, you will receive a custom cooler with samples from Jose Cuervo, a Greenies Tour Hat, a 3-pack of premium Vice Golf x Greenies Tour branded golf balls, a shoe bag, a golf towel, tees, and various round-enhancing products from our partners.

The Greenies Tour is a 21+ event


What are the prizes?

Prizes vary from city to city, but we always make sure the juice is worth the squeeze! Expect to see premium products like Range Finders, Golf Bags, and everyone’s favorite – cold hard CASH!

The Grand Greenie (our prize for the hole-in-one challenge) winner will be heading home with their best golf story, and at least $25,000 in Cash!

Prizes for all Par 3s:

First Place: $200 Gift Card or Product
Second Place: $100 Gift Card or Product
Third Place: $50 Gift Card or Product
Fourth Place: $25 Gift Card or Product